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Latest trends in Digital Marketing in 2018

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

As 2018 progresses, the trends in Digital marketing techniques are shifting towards Data-analytics and Automation. Your last marketing campaign didn’t fetch you desired results? Relax! Social 101 will guide you about some latest digital marketing techniques and trends which will certainly make your brand great again.


Chatbots refer to the program designed to converse with users especially over the internet, which makes it easier for potential or current customers to interact with companies and get a solution to their problem in real-time remotely from anywhere in the world. Chatbots help companies to be available 24*7 to their customers across the globe and promote the desired action with use of right CTAs.

Video Marketing

It’s not something new but according to a report by Forbes, adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300%. Video marketing is trending in 2018, as 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Also, live-video is increasingly being used by marketers around the world for real-time engagement. It is being predicted that video will take over all other content formats by 2020.

Personalized Content Marketing

Personalized content is taking over the internet now-a-days, people are constantly surrounded by advertisements which makes it difficult for companies to convince them to buy their product. Personalized content marketing ensures that products are promoted in accordance to the customer needs so that they are willing to pay the amount asked for. It also helps to create a strong positive image of the company by meeting customer expectations.

Data Driven Marketing

Data is the king in the marketing today. Data-driven marketing refers to analyzing company generated or market data provided by customers to plan & strategize digital campaigns. The trends and behavioral data generated are used to personalize and optimize a company’s digital campaigns. It also empowers companies to deliver a more customer-centric approach to marketing.

Instant Messaging

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger provides tough competition to other Social Media Platforms when it comes to number of users and personal engagement on the platforms. With the introduction of Whatsapp business in India, automated messaging has become very common in the country where companies try to maintain a personal constant touch with their customers using personalized daily updates, news or notifications. Facebook Messenger on the other end can be used as a bot that interacts with the users 24*7 (similar to chat-bots, remember?) and help Facebook pages to direct traffic to their website or CTAs. Instant messaging provides a simplified way to connect and communicate with the target audience.

Micro Moments

Micro moments refer to those moments when people instantly look up to a device (Usually Smartphone) to fulfill a need, to learn something, to do something, or, to buy something. These are also called intent rich moments, when decisions are made. Marketers can use these moment to their benefit by monitoring and persuading the buying decisions of their customers. The rule is to showcase your product at these micro moments of your target audience.

It is true that we have come far in Digital marketing but there’s still a long way to go. If one has to survive in the high-competitive markets of today, where everyone has access to information remotely from anywhere in the world, companies have become cautious to the changing needs of Digital marketing and have realized the importance of using latest techniques to optimize their marketing budget.

If you’re a startup or a small company who need help with adapting to the latest trends in Digital Marketing, don’t worry we will help you ride the journey of your digital future.
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