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Untold stories of Surat Billionaires

Surat is also known as the diamond city, Surat has been the hometown for businessmen. One of the cleanest cities in India. Surat is known for the diamond industry, textile industry, infrastructure (real estate), it the fastest growing city in the world.

Surat has been a place that has given all that person desires to achieve in their life. There are people who have proved the story of rags to riches true. If a person wants to achieve something their life they don’t need money they just need dedication and talent which will pave ways for them to fulfill their goals.

Here are some people who have proved that nothing matters when you want to accomplish goals in life:

Savji Dhanji Dholakia

He is an Indian diamond merchant. He is the founder and chairman of Hari Krishna Exports, a diamond manufacturing and exporting company. Savji Bhai was born in a farmer family in Dundhala, Amreli, Gujarat. When Dholakia was 13 he fled to Surat and started working in a factory.

When he returned from Surat his father asked him to focus on studies but he did not like studying thus he went back to Surat.

His mother used to call him and ask him to become a good person. One day he decided to go to Swami Narayan Sampradaya as his family was his follower. He asked him to tell him a way that would help him to make his life filled with happiness.

The Swami asked him to chant 108 names 11 lakh times and said that after doing this anybody can do anything.

After doing this Dholakis thought that he can do anything. Then with this motive, he returned back to Surat and continued his job. He used to earn Rs139 from which Rs140 was spent on eating.

He had a friend in the same factory who used to earn Rs 1200 at that time, he worked very hard and in 3-4 months he reached the designation where his friend was and started earning more than his friend. The job performed by him was of diamond rubbing.

He got a lot of experience from this, he started rubbing a diamond with his friends in his house, which later expanded. He reached Mumbai to expand his business. Dholakia's green Krishna Diamond Company's turnover was only 1 crore in 1991 and till March 2014, it has reached 2100 crore.

Hare Krishna Diamond has its own outlets in seven countries of the world. Apart from this, their diamonds are available in 5,000 thousand showrooms around the world. Recently, Dholakia has given expensive gifts to the employees, but his attitude toward working with the staff is also different.

Savji Bhai has a 35-year experience of work. He trains his employees to work better than him. He then focuses on providing benefits and profits to his employees. Hare Krishna Exports has spent Rs 51 crores for the bonus to employees on their golden jubilee.

Savji Dholakia has been giving this kind of special Diwali bonus to his employees since 2011. Last year, they had given 491 cars and 200 flats in the Diwali bonus to employees.

Savji Dholakia, who started the diamond business with debt from his uncle, is a resident of Dudhala village of Amreli district of Gujarat. After hard work, he has taken the company to the altitude.

Around 5500 employees work in Savjri Bhai Dholakia's Green Krishna Diamond Export Company Employees working in any private company in the country or in the world, their boss or boss would hardly have given such a gift as the diamond businessman of the expensive Gift Surat, Savji Bhil Dholakia has been giving to his staff.

Lavji Daliya (Badshah)

Lavji Bhai is also known as Badshah for his whole-hearted social services. Born on 20 July 1972. He had the courage to rise above the ordinary level without proper education, he emerged as a Real Estate player of Gujarat.

He used to live in the Senjaliya village of Bhavnagar, Gujarat. He is the fourth child in the family.

His family’s economic condition wasn’t condition was not good. He used to go to the fields with his father, they used to go to a small primary school happily but Lavji thought this wasn’t enough. So for earning a good livelihood, he came to Surat at the age of 13.

He had heard many stories of rags to riches, believing them he came to the Diamond city with hardly Rs60 with him.

For several months he worked 16 hours a day but couldn’t send a penny back home. It took four months for him to learn diamond polishing, later due to the good work he was picked up by a diamond merchant Mr. Dhirubhai Narola.

He thought of starting his own diamond business and asked for a loan to Mr. Dhiru Narola, seeing Lavji’s hard work and sincerity he couldn’t deny him.

He laid foundations for the diamond factory in 1993. He needed to make decisions for his business but couldn’t receive any help from his family because none of his brothers or any other family had the knowledge of diamond.

Thus he started to look for other options. Then he thought of entering the construction business in 1995, soon Shree Infra was born.

Though there were low profits in business, this didn’t stop him from sharing profits with fellow men because he knew what being poor could mean. Gradually, he started learning the intricacies and complications of the real estate sector and after enriching the experience. Under a new name Anjani Infra(2008) he achieved a lot.

They have completed the construction of 15000 flats till now. With Awadh they became the pioneer amongst reputed construction sites in Surat, Ahemdabad, Navsari. Ventura air connects a company based on air charters, NSOP, and cargo operators, in and around Gujarat.

Lalji Bhai Patel

Lalji Bhai Patel is an Indian Diamantaire and Philanthropic social service activist. He is a chairman of Dharmanandan Pvt. Ltd. He was born on 28 November 1955 at Ugamedi a village in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat. He was born in a farmer's family, he learned that there is no alternative to hard work.

He was sent to a bigger school in Rajkot when he was in sixth grade. This was the place where he met Tulsi Bhai ( his business partner ) and dreamt of making a diamond business empire. At a very early age, he realized that he had to enter the field of diamonds and he never looked back after that.

They both had only a hazy idea about the diamond business. He started his business in 1974 along with Tulsi Bhai and started a factory in the early 80s named Shreeji Gems. They faced a lot of problems and reveled success together.

Their trust towards each other gave birth to the organization Dharmanandan Diamond Pvt. Ltd ( 31st August 2007) imbibed from the name of their Guruji.

From this one can come to know that he is a very spiritual person. He always says that his family is very important to him and his wife is his strength. He came into everyone's eye when he purchased Narendra Modi’s suit. He does social work for girls, water conservation, education, etc.

Save the girl child was a campaign where he wanted to make an appeal to people to stop female foeticide and treat them equally. Belonging to a farmer's family he knew the importance of water. As one cannot depend on rain for framing he dug 3 ponds to solve the problem. He is a very positive and supportive person.

Jayesh Desai

Jayesh Desai is the Chairman of the Rajhans Desai-Jain Group. He is also one such example of rags to riches. He was from Parawadi village in Bhavnagar, where he was the fifth child after his four sisters. In Parawadi village his father owned a small grocery shop. They have faced many hardships, for the basic amenities.

Jayesh was crazy about cars. But at that time they were not in a position to purchase a bicycle also owning a car was a dream to him. Many members of their community were shifting to Mumbai, he also reached Mumbai with the help of his sister Bhavna.

There he joined a ball bearing shop at a monthly salary of Rs300. But somehow it didn’t work out at Mumbai so he lied to his father that he was not keeping well in Mumbai so his father called him back to Parawadi.

There he managed the shop for 2-3 years. He felt reckless selling groceries, his one friend who brokered diamond business visited the village and persuaded him to come to Surat. He came to Surat withRs500 and when he reached Surat he was left with Rs410. He slept in the diamond shop which he used to run during the day.

His first shop was of a oil. The oil was borrowed from his village that his father used to send to Mumbai. The shop flourished in one month and did a profit of Rs10,000 which kept on multiplying later. He had meals at a lodge Rs400 per month and skipped his breakfast a lot of times, after the struggle of 2 years he started making money.

After the study and experience, he started his brand naming Rajhans with two oil tanks. He then expanded his business to other states. After success in the oil business, he started a new venture in textiles and he made his mark in that field also.

After some time he visited a multiplex in Mumbai with his sister, he got an idea that Surat should also have a modern cinema which we very popularly know as Rajhans Cinema.

A chain of restaurants under the name Rajhans Enjoys is also doing well. Later in 2004, he thought of entering into a new horizon that was construction business. Now 70% of his business is in construction. Rajhans is a 2500 crore company and Jayesh is the chairman of the company.

Mahesh Savani

Mahesh was born in a well-to-do family in Saurashtra Ranparada village. His father Vallabh Bhai started off as a laborer and slowly diamond business was built which was expanded by him and his brothers.

He always that whatever they have today is because of his father they are just taking it forward. In 1978 his father installed one machine and started the manufacturing unit and by 2004 their annual turnover was Rs150 crore.

He went to Bangalore to study civil engineering. He has learned all the business tactics from his father. In 1990 he became the part of the business. They manufactured 35,000 diamonds a month but he manufactured 3 lakh diamonds a month.

He expanded his business in Hongkong and Mumbai. But after 2003 there were some cases against him which were a bad phase for him and he shifted to Mumbai and then to Belgium for some time.

Then after he returned to Surat he shifted to Realty business. The business started in 2008 which was an instant success. They do business under the name of P.P. Savani and build schools, universities, hospitals. Now the turnover of their business is 1000 crore.

In 2010, he organized the first mass wedding. He does this social work because it makes him happy. He asked around for the girls who don’t have parents and can’t afford the expense of wedding. Each wedding cost around 4-5 lakhs and 250 couples every year get married in the P.P. Savani school ground in Surat, all in one day.